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Livermore California Event Photographer, Livermore California Photogaphy

   Stephanie Lynne Guilin

Freelance Photographer, Stephanie Lynne Guilin grew up in the wilds of western Colorado were she developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature. Be it a hawk guarding its prey or a sunset which has exploded with color.
    Stephanie sees the world through the lens and captures as many moments in time as she can. She feels this is her greatest means of communication and as you’ll see… her vision of the world is absolutely beautiful and her ability to capture the moments we all cherish as memories is obviously a lifelong passion we can all connect with on a very simple level.
    Stephanie is ultimately capable and available for all aspects of the industry from personal to technical and corporate. Her personality is suited to all environments and social grace and charm are always in abundance.
    A simple phone call will easily determine your mutual interests.

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